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About the Farm

 Growing Mattresses from Nature


Hornington Manor is set in the grounds of the Harrison Spinks farm. The farm boasts 300 acres of beautiful Yorkshire pasture and arable land, which is home to our own flock of sheep, woodland, protected hedgerows and a rich diversity of wildlife and crops. All of the materials we produce at the farm are used in the luxury mattresses made by family-bed maker Harrison Spinks, including sheep’s wool, hemp fibres, flax and even lavender.

The fact that these materials are able to be produced and processed less than 20 miles from the company’s factory, reinforces the commitment we have to the environment. We also try to be as sustainable as possible in our processes, one example being our alternative uses for the hemp we grow on the farm. Not only are the fibres used as luxury mattress fillings, but we have also used the by-products for heating the Manor via our biomass boiler, as animal bedding, and even for building projects, such as our very own visitor’s centre.  

Here at the Harrison Spinks farm, we are accountable for what we do, and this ensures the highest quality materials are used in the mattresses we produce. When combining these natural fillings with innovative spring technology, and unsurpassed craftmanship, we are confident that we make the most sumptuous beds.

"What a wonderful weekend it has been - the house, the barn, all the peope at Hornington who have helped us out! You are fantastic! We honestly couldn't have finished for a better wedding weekend.  Thanks so much - hopefully we will be back very soon!    "

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